Kids find inspiration on New Hope property at the Bucks County Children’s Museum. Here youngsters are free to just be themselves. Learning through play encourages creativity and growth. In this space interactive exhibits, hands on stations and special events stimulate the mind in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Little ones can explore their world through various key exhibits. In the Town Square kids scoop and offer ice cream cones, work in the general store and sort mail in the post office. Careers are readily explored as uniforms for chefs, firefighters and police officers are tried on and roles tried out. Nearby in the Hospital small doctors comfort patients, explore the five senses and perform operations. The ambulance driver keeps an eye on the road while safely transporting the sick and injured. Adventures awaits on the ground and in the sky. In the Big Dig young archaeologists discover fossils and imagine when the dinosaurs stomped across the earth. Around the bend guests soar through the clouds in the Hot Air Balloon Virtual Experience. Learning about the significance of recycling is important and the purpose of Bucks County Country - A Recycling Adventure. Recycled products created this inspired zone presenting such structures as bridges made from reclaimed wood and clubhouses from cardboard.

Birthdays Are a Blast for Kids from New Hope Homes

Birthday parties are a blast. Unforgettable moments make the birthday boy or girl the talk of the town. Party hosts help take the stress away from parents so they too can enjoy the fun. Information about planning the perfect party can be found here.

New Hope property families benefit greatly from memberships to the Bucks County Children’s Museum. Packages vary and include unlimited admission, discounts and member only special events. The museum is located conveniently close to New Hope homes at 500 Union Square Drive. Admission is under $10 making visits an affordable option for families to spend time together. Doors are open Tuesdays through Sunday and hours vary.