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About Living Places

Everyone lives somewhere, and sooner or later the suspicion that somewhere else is better disturbs the peace of home. (Tracy Kidder, Home Town, 2012)

A Quarter of a Century
Living Places was conceived in 1996 as a means to provide information for location independent home buyers looking to discover historic towns and neighborhoods. The first version of the website became publicly available online in February of 1997. Through the years the focus has been altered from time to time, but the main interest remains primarily historic homes, especially those located in local & national historic districts.

As of November, 2023, Living Places offers various information on more than 3,000 historic districts and historic structures in addition to more than 7,500 newer neighborhoods that are primarily residential. Also found here is summary info on all 50 States, over 1,450 U.S. Counties and more than 5,200 towns (cities, towns, townships, villages, boroughs). Many pages cover features and amenities (rivers and greenways for example) that are important to the residents of various locations. See our Site Index for a variety of indices to help you browse various places and categories.

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